About Exede Internet

"What We Do"

Exede service is provided by ViaSat. This company has been in the Satellite Internet Business since it's inception and provides it?s own satellite - ViaSat-1. Providing innovative communication technology to businesses, the United States military, and government, ViaSat leads the way in communication technology.

ViaSat began Exede Satellite Internet in 2011 with their innovative software and newest technology. The 12Mbps download speeds left others in the dust. Plans are in the works to launch a new satellite in 2017. This satellite will have the latest, most innovative technology to provide even greater levels of service. Exede Satellite Internet strives to provide the best satellite experience in the world.

"How It Works"

Exede Satellite Internet works similar to the way satellite TV works. When you access a website your computer sends a signal to the modem which is connected to the satellite dish outside which sends it to our satellite. A signal from our satellite is sent directly to a large Exede ground antenna that then sends the signal to the internet.

Sending the signal in this way provides Internet service practically anywhere. Living in a rural area is not a problem for Exede Satellite Internet. Get fast, reliable Internet service without having to rely on cable or phone lines.

"Why You Need Exede"

With a 3 year price guarantee, you won't ever have to worry about a rate hike. No automatic charges for overage fees like some providers.

Exede gives you double the download speed (12Mbps) compared to DSL and 4G/L TE average service. No more frustrating slow or no Internet!

You can stream TV or a movie, download items, and breeze through your favorite sites - faster and more reliably for a super Internet experience with Exede.

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